Jager Train and Retox Bar Party!

When most people take Sunday as the day of rest…… we use it for a Sunday sesh!!!

…. Like Jager? Yeah, so do we. That’s why every Sunday is our famous Jager train. Know what a Jager bomb is? Well, we line up the Red Bull on the bottom, precariously balance the Jager on top, and then set that shit off like dominoes.

4,000HUF gets you 5 Jager bombs, which is stupid cheap! Get 5 for yourself, or share them between friends, but make sure you get at least one in your hand because we always do the first one together to kick start the night!! After that, we have a massive party in our bar. There are drinking games, DJs, Shots, Turbulence, Challenges, Dancing. The party ends when you stop drinking so be prepared for a long one!