Q: What is the currency in Hungary? Do they accept Euros?

A: The currency is Hungarian Forint (HUF / Fts). You should plan to withdraw money from an ATM when you arrive, or visit a money exchange. There are money exchanges offering reliably good rates near to all of our hostels which we’ll advise you of upon arrival. Do NOT exchange money at the airport, bus station or train station as these offices offer terrible exchange rates.

Many shops, bars and restaurants accept Euros, but they often have poor exchange rates (the HUF fluctuates a lot so they are legally permitted to keep it low) so watch out for this.

Q: Can I pay by card?

A: At the hostel: Sorry, no. We accept cash payments in HUF, EUR or GBP, or you can send us the money via Paypal.

Other places: Sometimes. Many bars and restaurants are still cash only (some will take Euros as mentioned above) so keep that in mind when deciding how much money to take out with you. Almost all shops do take cards.

Q: Do I have to pay on arrival?

A: You will be asked to pay at check in, but we’ll have some flexibility with this if you haven’t had a chance to withdraw/exchange money yet, as our first priority is to get you comfortably settled in Budapest! In general your balance should be paid by the end of the first day of your stay.

Q: How do I get to the hostels from the airport / train station / bus station?

A: Here you can find detailed instructions to Retox, Grandio, Carpe Noctem Vitae, Carpe Noctem Original, and Penthouse Privates. We can also organize shuttle services and private transfers; please email us for details.

Q: What are taxis like? / What’s the taxi situation? Do you have Uber?

A: Yes, we have Uber and we’re loving it! Fares are awesomely cheap, about 1/2 the price of taxis. Not all the drivers speak English so make sure to have your destination address ready.

As for taxis, do NOT flag one off the street. Even if they’re registered, they sometimes will run freelance for pick ups. If you need a taxi, ask the hostel staff to call one for you, or you can call Taxi 2000 (+3612000000) or Taxi 4 (+361444444). Both these companies have excellent service, English speaking staff and accept credit cards.

Q: What are the check in/ check out times? / What time is check in & check out?

A: Check in begins at 3pm, but you are welcome to arrive anytime and store your luggage, hang out in our common areas or go for a wander around the city until your room is ready. PLEASE let us know your expected arrival time in advance. In high season we can only ensure your bed for 3 hours after your stated time as we often have a waiting list, but feel free to amend it at any time.

Check out: we have a flexible check out time so you can sleep in a bit on your last day and feel relaxed until you have to leave Budapest! If your bed has been booked by someone else for that night, we’ll need you to pack up by about noon so we have time to prepare the room; if not, you can lounge around as long as you like!

Q: Is Budapest a safe city?

A: Yes. Budapest is a place where we all feel safe walking around alone at night, but obviously use your common sense as it is still a capital city, and there are some pitfalls and scams to be aware of. Your hostel staff will tell you everything you need to know at check in for a safe and fun trip!

Q: Will my belongings be safe?

A: Security is a number one priority in our hostels. All of our hostels provide lockers for your personal belongings, the use of our office safe, and an electronic key system so that only those with coded keys can enter the building and specific rooms. We do not allow non-hostel guests into the building. We ask all guests to help us maintain our excellent security track record by locking up their belongings and being sensible about security.

Q: They are all party hostels so will I get any sleep? / Will I get any sleep at a ‘party hostel’?

A: Although we promote raucous partying, we do believe you should be able to get some sleep at night, so you can wake up refreshed and do it all again the next day! Accordingly, we maintain a strict noise curfew inside the hostel from 9pm. Our hostel staff will take you out partying every night around the best party places of the city which kick on into the wee hours of the morning, plus we’ll point out 24-hour bars so there’s no need to come home until you’re ready to sleep. We ask all guests to be respectful of those sleeping so we can maintain a relatively peaceful atmosphere within the hostel at nighttime.

CAVEAT: If you’re staying at one of our hostels which has a bar beneath it (Retox and Grandio), it’s likely to be somewhat noisy until the bar closes. If you are sensitive to noise, please consider staying at one of our other properties.

Q: Can I cook food?

A: Depends on the hostel. Carpe Noctem Original, Carpe Noctem Vitae and Penthouse Privates all have fully equipped kitchens so you are welcome to buy, cook and store your own food. On many nights the hostel staff cook family dinners for everyone.

Retox and Grandio have basic kitchen areas so that simple meals can be prepared and stored, but they are not suitable for more complex cooking.

Q: Can I bring alcohol into the hostels?

A: Yes! You are welcome to bring your own booze into the hostel and we’ll show you the best places to buy it. Be aware that if you are staying at Retox or Grandio, you may NOT take your own alcohol into the public bar area downstairs. Hungarian law is super strict about unlicensed alcohol in public bars, and the bars could face massive fines if tax inspectors find any evidence of it.

Q: Can I bring / take any drugs in the hostels?

A: NO. Budapest Party Hostels has a very strict zero tolerance policy on all illegal drugs in accordance with Hungarian law. If you are caught possessing or taking drugs on the hostel premises you will get kicked out.

Q: Are there any other rules?

A: We want to be as laid back and fun loving as possible, so the only rules (outside of Hungarian law) are to maintain a basic respect for staff, guests, and the people and places of Budapest. We reserve the right to evict anyone in breach of such respect.

Q: Do you have towels for hire?

A: Carpe Noctem and Carpe Noctem Vitae have unlimited free towel hire. Retox and Grandio have free towel hire subject to availability.

Q: Do you have laundry facilities?

A: Yes, with limited availability. We also use an excellent laundrette which picks up and delivers, for the same price that we charge for doing it on premises.

Q: Do you have computer and printing facilities?

A: Yes. All hostels have computers which are free to use, and we can print boarding passes and tickets free for you as well. And of course free wifi!