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Alcoholympics is a team drinking competition. The competition is played by teams of 3 over the course of 4 guaranteed events.

Finally it’s here! Now you can get an official master degree of drinking. On every Wednesday night all the heavyweight alcohol magicians at Budapest team up at Retox Bar to struggle for the Alcoholympics Champion’s title.

 The events are as follows:

1. The Stein Chug:

A stein of beer sits between the team of three with three straws in it. When the judge says GO, all three competitors drinks through their straw until the judge says STOP. The time it takes to drink the stein is recorded and then points are awarded at the end of the round.

2. The strawpedo boat race:

Each team member is given a bacardi breezer with a bendy straw in it.The name strawpedo comes from the speed in which the breezer is consumed and the role the bendy straw plays in that speed. The team members line up next to each other with their breezer in hand on the table. When the judge says GO, the first member of the team drinks his breezer as fast as possible, when he is finished he slams the bottle down on the table which is the indicator that team member 2 may begin his breezer, as he finishes he slams his breezer to the table and the third member begins. the timer stops when the last member slams his bottle on the table.

There are few ways a team can be disqualified during this event. 1. if the first team member starts drinking his breezer before the judge says GO. 2. if the 2nd or 3rd team member starts drinking his breezer before the teammate before them slams his breezer to the table. We call it a table to table events for just this purpose. 3rd. There is a ridge along the bottom of the bottle, if the liquid left in the bottle is above this line when you finish your breezer you are disqualified.

3. The coin toss

This event is part drinking, part hand/eye coordination. The playing surface has 3 jager bombs, 1 bar glass and 80 coins. When the judge says GO, each team member must first drink his jager bomb and then proceed to bounce as many coins as possible into the glass. After a full minute the judge will cover the cup and then count out how many coins your team made in the glass. The team with the most coins gets the most points. Throwing coins directly into the glass without bouncing will result in disqualification.

4. The Around the world waterfall

For this event each team member will have to consume 1 pint of beer and 1 mixed drink. Each team member lines up next to each other with the beer in front of them and the mixed drink behind the beer. When the judge says GO, the first team member drinks the beer as fast as possible, when they are done they have to turn the cup upside down over their head to show that it is empty and then as fast as possible slam the cup back to the table. When the cup hits the table the second team member drinks their beer in the same manner and when they slam their cup down the 3rd member drinks the beer. After the third team member drinks the beer and slams it back to the table, drinker number 1 then immediately drinks their mixed drink. upon completion they turn the cup upside down on their head again and slam the cup whcih signals the start of the second team member, and when they finish they also turn the cup over their head and slm it on the table signaling the third member to drink their mixed drink. When the third member finishes their mixed drink and turns it upside down over their head and then slams it to the table, the judge will stop the timer and record the time. the team who can finish all 6 drinks without spilling anything in the fastest time will receive the most points. There are time penalties for any spillage of alcohol. There are no penalties for vomitting. If you feel at any time that you are unable to finish the drink, you are allowed to dump the remainder of the drink over your head, nd while this will incure a time penalty it is quite funny and entertaining for the crowd.

The final – The gauntlet

This is a team vs team challenge to determine the winner of Alcoholympics.
The gauntlet is basically a mini alcoholympics in 1 event. the 4 parts of the guantlet are the stein chug, done by all 3 members, a mixed drink chug, a 3 shot chug and a strawpedo.

The first part of the gauntlet is the stein chug. This is identical to our first event, and after the judge says GO, all team members begin drinking. the judge will tell each team when they are done with the stein, then each member must go to one of three designated stations each with its own drinking challenge. The first station involves drinking a rum and coke as fast as possible and then bouncing a coin in a cup, as soon as the coin goes in the second teammate starts their challenge which involves drinking 3 shots and then bouncing a coin into a glass, the last competitor must bounce a coin into a cup to start and then must do a strawpedo.

Whichever team can finish this series of challenges first wins Alcoholympics!

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