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Whether you are traveling alone, or part of a group, you’ll immediately feel welcomed and want to stay with us longer to see what the Budapest hype is all about!

Vitae Hostel

Vitae Hostel

This is Vitae Hostel.

Vitae Hostel offers the perfect balance between providing a wide range of amenities and facilities of a large hostel, but making you feel relaxed in a sociable, fun and family-esque atmosphere.

Like Family

  • Vitae represents a relaxed, less intense atmosphere than a traditional party hostel, with family dinners each night and our huge cozy common areas provide the perfect place for movie nights or chilling out.


  • We offer a party option every night of the week: all the opportunity to experience the best of Budapest nightlife.


  • Our clean & spacious non-smoking and secure dorm rooms are always ready for guests in need of rest.
  • Our staff, comprised of experienced travelers will provide you all the information about beautiful Budapest to make your stay unforgettable.

Ready for Lifelong Memories?

Carpe Noctem Original

Carpe Noctem – the Most Fun Hostel in the World (2009)

We Change how People Travel.

You expect a hostel but you arrive at a mate’s place. You expect a reception desk and you get greeted with a cup of coffee. You arrive alone but you go out with 22 friends.

You book in for two nights and you stay two weeks. And that’s just the beginning…

New Connections!

  • Hostelworld guests rated us the most fun hostel the world!
  • If you are a sociable traveller, you will definitely find some mates for life at Carpe Noctem.

Feel Welcome.

  • As if you were staying at a mate’s house, chilling on bean bags and drinking free tea and coffee until beer o’clock?

No Bullshit.

  • We’ve travelled widely and know what you want to feel comfortable.

Ready for Lifelong Memories?

Where’s Grandio & Retox

Hey, where’s Grandio and Retox?

We’re sorry to have to announce that neither of Retox or Grandio managed to make it through Covid.

To all of our previous guests looking to visit again, you’ll understand they were both hoary old alcoholics with pre-existing conditions and never likely to survive into old age.

To anyone who arrived here because they heard some crazy stories and wanted to book, we do try to keep the same spirit, if not quite the same levels of debauchery alive at our remaining two hostels, Vitae and Carpe Noctem, where you will find like minded spirits and pre-game drinks already in progress.