Epic Pub Crawl

Our epic pub crawls take you to several underground ruin bars with four party hostels and end in a club.  It is free to join just buy your own drinks along the way. I’m sure by now you’re wondering what the heck a ruin bar is, considering we mention it so damn much. What is a ruin bar? Well, they are old Communist structures that sat abandoned for years until some geniuses decided to turn them into pubs. Expect crazy art on the walls (we’re talking Mona Lisa with eight arms DJing), weird pieces of history, and an overall uniquely Budapestian vibe. Best part of the crawl is that it’s FREE. We don’t run our pub crawls; we don’t charge you and give you a shit shirt that you’ll never wear; you’re basically just coming with us to some of our favorite bars to get drunk. Easy. We do have drink vouchers available that you can buy for even cheaper drinks!

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